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Another round of fine dust forecast over weekend

Updated: 2013-12-06 PM 4:54:33 (KST)
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Let's go over to our Kim Bo-gyung at the weather center for a check on the weather. Finally some clear skies and fresh air here in Seoul today

But I hear another round of fine dust may be headed our way.

That's right. The fine dust levels returned to normal today as cold air moved into the central regions, but those in the southern regions are still dealing with smog.

It looks like temperatures will remain above the seasonal averages leading to late-fall like weather this weekend. However, there's some bad news,.. as Daniel mentioned, we're forecast to get another round of smog and fine dust from China starting tomorrow afternoon through Sunday morning. So please be aware.

Moving on to tomorrow's readings. Seoul starts off the day at 2 degrees, with a high of 10. Meanwhile Gwangju and Busan hit 11 and 13 degrees, respectively.

Taking a look at other regions. Jeju makes it to 14 degrees, while Dokdo and Mt. Geumgang peak at 10 and minus-1 degrees.

Have a wonderful Friday night and I'll be back with more updates after 8

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