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131205 Thurs. - Arts & Culture - The Aleph Project at MMCA Seoul Updated: 2013-12-05 12:45:43 KST

131205 Thurs. - Arts & Culture - The Aleph Project at MMCA Seoul
And now it's time for our daily Arts & Culture segment with Lee Tae Ho.
Today, Tae Ho is here to tell us about a wonderful exhibition that he recently had the chance to see.
Good afternoon, Tae Ho.

Good afternoon, Conn-young.

So I heard that you visited the brand new branch of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul?

That's right, I couldn't wait to visit the museum's new facility in the central part of the capital and the exhibition that I had the chance to see was perfect for my first visit, because the artwork on display was there to give visitors insight into the concept for the brand new building.

What if astronomers, physicists, designers, curators and architects were all to get together to collaborate on one project?
What would be the result?
Would there be an outcome?
Welcome to the Aleph Project, presented by the brand new Seoul branch of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.
"Aleph" is a representation of an infinite space that resembles a small white marble and comes from author J.L. Borges short story titled "The Aleph."
It is one point in space that encompasses all other points, enabling anybody who gazes upon that one point to see everything in the universe simultaneously and from all angles.
Taking that idea as its inspiration, the opening exhibition at MMCA Seoul is designed to create many different spaces in one.

"Around me is the work of architect Hah Tesoc from Tacit Group, at the brand new Seoul branch of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, where everybody from everywhere can come together to experience the joys of arts and culture."

The exhibition is a convergence point for experts from many different fields that have come together to present their knowledge as art.
For example, the "Epiphyte Chamber" by architect Philip Beasley envisions architecture in the future as a moving and reacting entity.
It was put together by a group of 20 fellow architects, designers and engineers.

"I've seen many exhibitions in foreign countries and there are many experimental art exhibitions such as this, and they've all given me new inspiration. That kind of thing has been difficult to find in Korea, but here at the MMCA Seoul there are many exhibitions like this."

And not only are these exhibits just a spectacle for viewing, they react to visitors with moving arms, glowing lights and changing smells, almost as if they were alive.

The "Elaboratorium" is the perfect exhibition for visitors who want a more interactive experience.
It is the fruit of an unusual and surprising collaboration between art and science, resulting in new works of modern and contemporary art.

"I wanted to surprise visitors. My goal was to break through traditions and common notions that a certain thing must only be in a certain place. I wanted to show that, in new surroundings, anything can be held in a new and more beautiful light."

And at this exhibition, "Hovering Geometry," visitors can even control and design the space.
A team of media and sound artists worked together to produce the exhibit, which uses both light and sound for an interactive experience and a stunning light show that is all around, yet still consolidated in a single space.

But "The Aleph Project" is not confined to one space in particular.
It was set up in different parts of the museum to demonstrate the freedom of space.
It is an experience that opens the eyes of viewers to new expressions of art and becomes a catalyst for the imagination.

"My child is still young, but by visiting exhibitions together as a family, he will hopefully have new experiences that will open his mind and perhaps give him a new perspective on society."

No matter who you are or where you are from, one thing is very clear -- the artwork here in this space is meant to inspire and amaze.
No matter the size, shape or form, art expresses and imitates life, and sometimes new things must be tried, which result in surprising new outcomes, such as "The Aleph Project."

"Very moving, fascinating to see. And this exhibit here, I'm a little bit worried about breaking it. But it looks very nice and very organic seeming."

"The Aleph Project" is currently running at the brand new Seoul branch of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in the center of the capital until March 16th.

What an interesting exhibition I never imagined that science and art could come together to make such beautiful art.

Truly, and not only does it offer stunning sights, but it was a very engaging experience for me.
My one and only recommendation regarding "The Aleph Project" would be to go and experience it.

And it looks like you could go alone or together with family and friends, but regardless you will have a fantastic time.

Truly, and the new Seoul branch of the MMCA is just absolutely marvelous it adds to the whole experience.

Alright. Well it sounds like a fantastic event for the coming weekend. Thank you, Tae Ho, and we'll see you again tomorrow afternoon.

Okay. You have a wonderful afternoon
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