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Prime Talk: Dr. Jung Gi-woon on Northeast Asia Tension

Updated: 2013-12-02 PM 7:56:28 (KST)
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For an expert's take on the ongoing tension in Northeast Asia, that began with China's move to expand its air defense zone, we are joined by Dr. Jung Gi-woong Senior Research Fellow at Center for International Area Studies of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Thanks for having me.

1. Tell us what's the significance of these air control zones and is it worth all of the current commotion?

2. Has China's pressure on Japan over the two's island dispute backfired and given the U.S. justification to carry out their pivot to Asia initiative?

3. What is your outlook on the possility of the current tension between and among the related parties igniting a military conflict?

4. Will that involve Korea as well if Seoul push ahead with the plan to scale up the air defense zone?

5.To what extent should the Korean air defense zone be expanded?

6. Can we expect the tension in Northeast Asia to continue for awhile? If so, how should the South Korean government handle the currently geopolitical rivalry?

Thanks for joining us tonight.

Thanks for having me.

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