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President Park officially appoints health minister, chief state auditor, Prosecutor General

Updated: 2013-12-03 AM 10:00:23 (KST)
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Health and welfare minister Moon Hyung-pyo , Prosecutor General Kim Jin-tae and chief state auditor Hwang Chan-hyon have been officially placed into their respective seats by President Park Geun-hye.
President Park ordered the newly appointed officials to work toward rooting out the abnormal practices that have penetrated state affairs, such as corruption, and make sure that nobody in any case defies the constitution and the nation's democratic principles.
The president had delayed all three appointments due to strong objections by the opposition party after a bill confirming the chief state auditor's nomination was unilaterally passed by the ruling Saenuri Party last week.
However, the presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae said Monday that it could no longer delay the appointments for the sake of normalizing state affairs, and made it clear that the decision was not made with any political consideration.

"Political pundits say the president appears to have decided to fill the key posts to minimize disruptions to government affairs amid prolonged gridlock at the National Assembly."

In Korea, nominees for key government posts must undergo parliamentary confirmation hearings.
But, regardless of the result, the president is allowed to push ahead with an appointment 20 days after a bill for parliamentary approval has been submitted to the Assembly.
While the ruling party welcomed President Park's appointments, the main opposition Democratic Party slammed the decision, saying that she has completely disregarded the National Assembly, especially as it took place during a meeting between the leaders of the two main rival parties.
The nomination for health and welfare minister Moon was the subject of the strongest opposition by the DP, over allegations that he had used a corporate credit card for personal use.
Eoh Jin-joo, Arirang News.

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