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Korea calls for re-drawing of air zone, China rejects Updated: 2013-11-28 14:33:24 KST

 Korea calls for re-drawing of air zone, China rejects
Top military officials of South Korea and China held a third round of bilateral defense strategy talks in Seoul on this Thursday.
This is an annual vice ministerial-level meeting, but this year's talks have attracted extra attention, as China's controversial new air defense zone was part of the agenda.
For more, let's now connect live with our Defense Ministry correspondent Han Da-eun.
Da-eun, fill us in

Good afternoon, Conn-young. It looks like the air zone row may escalate further, as China is not budging an inch on its newly declared air defense zone, which overlaps with Korea's identification zone.
During the meeting, Korea's Vice Defense Minister Baek Seung-joo called for a re-drawing of China's air defense zone in a way that doesn't affect Korea's national interest, but the request was turned down by his Chinese counterpart Wang Guanzhong.
Defense Ministry Spokesman Kim Min-seok explained to reporters that Korea has made clear that it cannot accept Beijing's unilateral declaration of the air zone, and will push to expand Korea's Air Defense Identification Zone so it includes the Korea-controlled island of Ieodo.
Kim said Seoul has also called for regular discussions on the issue with other regional neighbors as well.

Looks like we'll have to wait and see how today's talks will impact the air zone row, but Da-eun, what other issues were on the table?

The two countries agreed to strengthen high-level military personnel exchanges, and speed up the establishment of a military hot-line between the two nations' defense ministries.
They also shared views on the current security situation of Northeast Asia.
Back to you.

Thank you Da-eun, for that report.
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