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College entrance exam ends in Korea Updated: 2013-11-08 04:52:16 KST

  College entrance exam ends in Korea
The day-long exam has come to an end.
As students walked out of the test site, some looked exhausted while others looked relieved that the test was finally over.
Many test-takers and experts say one of two English versions of this year's test, along with its math section, ended up being more difficult than a mock test that was released in September.
But that's in the past now.
All the test-takers can do now is wait until November 27th when their results will be announced.

"I feel very light-headed, and also very regretful. I studied a lot for the math section, but I don't think it paid off."

"The test was so difficult. I feel sorry for my mom who encouraged me and expected more from me because I feel like I have failed her."

Parents who were anxiously waiting outside the gate greeted their kids, who had all just gotten through a very stressful day.

"My child has done her best to prepare for this test, so I believe that there will be good results."

More than 650-thousand students took the college entrance exam this year at 1,2-hundred-and-57 test venues across the country.
There were many efforts nationwide to help the students take the test.
Police officers and local authorities gave students who were running late to their test sites a lift.
In order to ease the traffic burden for test-takers this morning, offices, banks and even the country's stock market opened at 10 a.m., one hour later than usual.
And flights coming in and out of the country were temporarily restricted during the listening portion of the exam, all in an attempt to lend a helping hand on this very important day.

"Today is one of the most important days for hundreds of thousands of high school seniors in this countrywho have been dedicating the last several years of their lives to getting the best possible result on the college entrance exam.
In Korea, over 70 percent of high school graduates enter college, and the university they go to has a significant impact on the rest of their careers.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News."
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