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Average Korean wedding costs nearly $50,000 per person Updated: 2013-10-23 10:00:32 KST

  Average Korean wedding costs nearly $50,000 per person
The Korea Consumer Agency recently conducted an online poll of a thousand people who either got married or had children who got married in the past two years.
The results show that the average wedding cost per person stands at slightly more than 49-thousand U.S. dollars.
The cost includes wedding meals and decorations, presents and the honeymoon, but excludes housing.
Men spend a little more than women on average, because grooms tend to have more wedding guests, and therefore spend more on meal expenses.
The cost of the wedding depends on where the couple ties the knot.
Hotels are the most expensive venues for weddings at an average cost of more than 22-thousand U.S. dollars, followed by wedding halls, churches, and public places.
And then there's the matter of where to live.
Only about 11 percent of newlyweds decide to continue living at their current residences.
The rest choose to either buy or pay jeonse, a Korean system of paying a lump sum deposit to rent apartments.
The survey results show that those couples who decide to buy new homes spent about 256-thousand dollars on average, while couples deciding to rent on lump sum deposits spent about 145-thousand dollars.
Eighty-five percent of the respondents in the Korea Consumer Agency survey said they felt that Korea's wedding culture is overly extravagant, but said they went through with all of it anyway because of social pressures.

"There should be a change in individual perception on weddings. Most weddings in Korea are designed around parents, or around leaving a good impression on guests. Wedding couples need to take more initiative by designing their own weddings in a unique and original way, with a smaller number of guests."

The agency also urged the government to devise measures to support ceremonies at public places for those want the wedding, but not the hefty bill.
Park Ji-won, Arirang News.
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