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Pres. Park proposes creating distribution, energy and economic networks in Eurasia Updated: 2013-10-18 21:58:20 KST

 Pres. Park proposes creating distribution, energy and economic networks in Eurasia
President Park proposed binding the Eurasian region into a single continent.
The first step towards this goal, she says, is creating a distribution network that connects northeastern Eurasia by railway and roads.

"Eventually we should connect this network to Europe and create a so-called "Silk Road Express" that runs from Korea's Busan to Europe via North Korea, Russia, China and Central Asia."

Speaking at the first international conference on Eurasian cooperation in Seoul on Friday, President Park also proposed setting up an energy network through gas and oi pipelines, as Eurasia is composed of both energy producing and consuming countries.
She called on Eurasian countries to push ahead with joint projects to develop energy resources, such as shale gas in China and crude oil and gas in East Siberia.
Creating a Eurasian economic bloc was another of President Park's proposals.

"The Eurasian region has the regulatory foundation for a single market with the EU on its west, the ASEAN on its south and NAFTA across the Pacific Ocean."

The president emphasized the importance of tearing down regulatory barriers that block trade and investment, and said Korea, China and Japan should accelerate trilateral FTA talks and link up with other regional trade deals, such as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Experts say President Park's Eurasian plan will support her administration's key goals of boosting the economy and setting up a foundation for a peaceful reunification.
Cooperation among Eurasian nations could also eventually pressure North Korea to open up.

"Most of the cooperation in the region, such as exchanges of goods, energy and personnel, will be difficult without stable inter-Korean relations and North Korean reforms."

A creation of a huge economic bloc in the region would also help Korea further expand its trade and economic cooperation.
Eurasia accounts for 40 percent of the world's land mass, 71 percent of the world's population and 60 percent of the world's GDP.
Eoh Jin-joo, Arirang News.
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