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2013.09.10 Tues. - Arts & Entertainment Updated: 2013-09-10 13:19:24 KST

2013.09.10 Tues. - Arts & Entertainment
Let's take a look at what's going on in the world of Arts and Entertainment with Lee Tae Ho. Good afternoon Tae Ho.

Good afternoon, Conn-young It is great to be here with you today

So, Tae Ho, what's making headlines today?

"Bar Bar Bar " That's right, the surprise smash hit by the girl group Crayon Pop is jumping right onto the world stage, helmets and all Let's take a closer look

The K-pop girl group Crayon Pop, put together by Chrome Entertainment, made its debut just last summer and since then, the group has been shooting up the ranks with its quirky dance moves and catchy lyrics.
The group's arrival onto the music scene was accompanied by a flurry of activity in a short span of time.
The music video for their first single, "Bing Bing," was a simultaneous dual release in both Korea and Japan on June 24th, 2012.
The video for their second single was released shortly thereafter on July 17th, and the following day they put out their first mini album.
The group made its first major television appearance the day after that on M-Net's "M Countdown "
Though the group's reception in Korea was mixed, they did find success in Japan.
They had their first mini concert there earlier this year on January 6th in Shibuya, Tokyo, with tickets selling out in under an hour, and that resulted in the promise of a second mini-concert at a later date.
Then, out of nowhere, came the jumping, the helmets and the track pants.
Crayon Pop's smash hit single "Bar Bar Bar" was released on June 20th.
One version of the accompanying music video was uploaded before then on June 8th, followed shortly thereafter by a second, dance-ier version of the video on June 23rd.
With the catchy tune, quirky performance and fun choreography, the song and video quickly became a global internet sensation.
Spoofs of the music video and dance moves were parodied by police officers and even by SNL Korea.
but the parodies didn't stop there.
Fans and flash mobs from all over the world have since created parodies of the jumping, jiving sensation.
Crayon Pop performed in the United States for the first time last month on August 25th as part of KCON 2013 in Los Angeles.
And during an interview with ABC News, this is what they said:

"People are tired and exhausted nowadays, so what we're saying is, let's go out, jump around and have fun."

Meanwhile, Sony Music has announced that a remake of the smash hit music video is in the works for the global release of the song.
"Bar Bar Bar 2.0" is scheduled to be uploaded and available for international fans this month.
The whole world will eagerly be looking forward to it -- but will it be the next "Gangnam Style"?
We'll all have to wait and see.

It seems that the Korean Wave of music and drama is really catching on all around the world

Well, I'd say the K-pop scene is already a global phenomenon, but now, Korean dramas are starting to take off as well.
And as further evidence, the Korean drama "I Miss You," starring JYJ's Park Yoo-chun, has started showing in, of all places, Greece Let's see how all this came about

Greece is 5,000 miles, or 8,500 kilometers, from Korea.
So how is it that a country that's so far away has started airing a Korean drama?
The answer is simple: it's the Korean Wave of drama, music and pop culture blazing a trail across the globe.
The drama in question here is "I Miss You," starring Park Yoo-chun of the Korean boy band JYJ.
And because of the current trend toward K-pop around the world, JYJ's fans in Greece asked for the drama to be aired for them, right in the comfort of their living rooms
With the strong support of the Korean embassy in Greece, Greek and Korean broadcasting companies, and, of course, the demand from fans, a deal was struck, and "I Miss You" started airing on TV100 in Thessaloniki.
The city is the second largest in the country, following Athens, and the drama has an estimated two million viewers there.
The 21-part miniseries is a melodramatic love story about two star-crossed lovers.
It finished airing in Korea on January 17th.
In Greece, it airs in Thessaloniki on Wednesdays and Fridays, and is re-run on Sundays.
The producers of the miniseries are hoping that Greece is just a starting point, and they are actively looking to strike deals with broadcasting companies from around the world.

It's amazing that the Korean Wave has spread all the way to Greece. It'll be interesting to see how far around the world it gets.

Well, we look forward to you keeping us up to date each and every day. Thank you very much Tae Ho.

You're very welcome, and I'll be back tomorrow
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