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Algal blooms threaten waters in Korea Updated: 2013-08-21 16:47:36 KST

 Algal blooms threaten waters in Korea
The waters of Yeongsan River in southwestern Korea look more like green paint.
It's harmful algal blooms that are consuming the waters of Korea and hurting the country's source of drinking water and its fishing industry.
Along the coastlines millions of dead fish have been washed ashore because of algae that have grown out of control and produced toxic effects in the sea.
This summer's high temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and beyond high levels of nutrients and low water flows have caused a record level of harmful algal blooms all around the nation's waters from the southern coast and now towards the east coast.
And especially here at Yeongsan River environmentalists are raising concern that Korea's four major rivers restoration project is encouraging the conditions for the green algae to spread.
They say the reservoirs and mini dams built as part of the redevelopment project have slowed the water flow and turned parts of the rivers into standing water the perfect breeding conditions for green beds of algae.
The green tide is not expected to go away soon here at Yeongsan River, and officials expect the green waters to last until next month.
Connie Lee, Arirang News.
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