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Prime Talk: Dr. Bong Young-shik on Korea-Japan Tension Updated: 2013-08-14 20:46:55 KST

Prime Talk: Dr. Bong Young-shik on Korea-Japan Tension
Tomorrow here in Korea the nation will celebrate its liberation from Japanese colonial rule.
68 years ago Japan's surrender in World War II released the nation from 35 years of oppression.
But recent tensions between the two neighbors have risen over gaffes made by Tokyo's officials about its imperial past and other developments including signs of military expansion.
For more on the frayed Korea-Japan ties, we're now joined by Dr. Bong Youngshik , Director of Center for Foreign Policy at Asan Institute.

Good to be here.

On the whole how would you describe the state of Korea-Japan relations?

What do you make of Japan's recent provocative behavior despite harsh criticism from neighboring countries. Why is the country so eager to carry out them out despite such controversy?

President Park Geun-hye is expected to deliver a speech tomorrow during the ceremony to commemorate the nation's Liberation Day. What kind of message do you expect her to send to Japan if any?

Korea-Japan ties haven't been in their best shape with no concrete exchanges on the upcoming summit between the two leaders. While G20 is coming up in September and APEC summit in October. Will they be able to meet up and try to mend frayed relations?

When all is said and done our two nations do have to get along. Which common bonds should they be economic, political and cultural should guide us towards the future?

Dr. Bong thanks for your insights tonight.

Thanks for having me.
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