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FRI, 2015-07-31 KST

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Live munitions found on board North Korean ship in Panama Updated: 2013-08-03 19:37:38 KST

Panamanian officials have discovered live munitions on the North Korean flagged ship detained in the Central American country for carrying undeclared weapons from Cuba.
Officials said Friday that sniffer dogs found ammunition for grenade launchers and other unidentified weapons, but they didn't specify the type or how much was uncovered.
The search is proving a painstaking process.
Only two, of the ship's five, cargo holds have been unloaded thus far.
The ship, Chong Chon Gang, was headed from Cuba to North Korea when it was seized in the Panama Canal on July 15th based on intelligence it may be carrying drugs.
A team of UN inspectors will arrive in Panama next month to examine the ship.
Under UN sanctions, Pyongyang is banned from buying or selling weapons.
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