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Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso comes under fire for Nazi remarks Updated: 2013-07-31 06:30:35 KST

Taro Aso, Japan's Finance Minister and one-time prime minister has come under fire for reckless remarks that referred to the Nazi regime as inspiration for Japan's constitutional revision.
According to Kyodo News Agency, Aso suggested in a lecture in Tokyo that Japan study how Germany's Weimar Constitution was transformed into the Nazi regime, before anybody realized what was happening.
His comments stressed Japan's constitutional revision should be done quietly.
In response Seoul's Foreign Ministry called on Tokyo to "be prudent in its words and deeds" and to take "a humble stance as a former invader."
Korea's ruling and main opposition parites denounced Aso's remarks as provocations on par with Pyongyang's nuclear threat and said Japanese leaders should not fantasize about their country's past military imperialism.
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ffffffff (Germany) 2013-08-01 12:45:24 KST    

Actually this is not correct. Read the full excerpt and you'll see that's not what he meant (I can't post a link due to comment-restrictions, but it's easily findable in english, online).