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Bloggers promote Korean culture Updated: 2013-07-20 17:57:51 KST

The Korean government understands how people get their information these days, and they're using the medium to reach out to potential tourists.
In this third annual event, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism invited bloggers from 20 different countries on Friday to offer support, so that the bloggers can continue to write about their experiences in Korea.

"There are certain limits when we try to promote Korean culture to foreigners and it may seem a little bit self-serving. But with foreign bloggers sharing their first-hand experiences of Korea, it's much more convincing."

One blogger from the U.S., who has a Korean spouse, said that her social blog gained popularity after she shared her story about living in Korea.

"I guess I want to show a different side of Korean culture because I think having a mixed marriage is still quite different in Korea so being a foreigner married to a Korean person makes it interesting."

The culture ministry said it would invite the selected bloggers to various cultural events throughout the nation so that they can write about them and promote them to the rest of the world.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

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