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Hanbit 3 nuclear reactor resumes operation Updated: 2013-06-11 06:36:46 KST

 Hanbit 3 nuclear reactor resumes operation
One of Korea's suspended nuclear reactors has resumed operations.. and it's been producing electricity since Monday afternoon.
With temperatures rising around the nation, this has helped ease fears of power shortages.
On Sunday, the Hanbit 3 nuclear reactor in South Jeolla Province gained the final approval to resume operations from the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission.
The reactor was pulled off line after a fracture was discovered in a control rod guide tube last November.
Its resumption of operations on Monday came just in time.
Earlier in the day, the Korea Power Exchange had raised the power shortage alert level to one for the sixth time this year.
A level one alert is called when the nation's power reserves fall below five million kilowatts.
Now that it's back up and running, the reactor will reach its maximum output capacity by Thursday.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy expects the Hanul 5 reactor to be reactivated as early as this week.
The reactor had been under maintenance and is now being examined to see whether it was involved in a fake safety certificate scandal.
With the normalization of these two reactors,the number of suspended reactors will be reduced to EIGHT of the 23 nuclear reactors in Korea, contributing to the country's efforts to tackle looming power shortages this summer.
When the two reactors start running again, the nation's power supply will increase by two million kilowatts.
On top of that, THERMAL power plants will add some 2.5 million kilowatts to this figure, after undergoing final maintenance operations.

"We expect the power shortage to ease somewhat next week, with an increase in the overall electricity supply."

The weather may also help matters.
Some rain showers are in the forecast for Tuesday which will drag down temperatures and hopefully reduce power demand.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.
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