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Seoul National University Bundang "Smart Hospital" opens Updated: 2013-05-23 18:03:15 KST

 Seoul National University Bundang "Smart Hospital" opens
Going to the hospital can be a daunting experience full of unknowns.
But now thanks to the help of technology patients can have more control over the experience.
Korea is now home to its first smart hospital where your mobile phone becomes your partner in accessing services and communicating with the hospital staff and insurance companies.
Our Ji Myung-kil experienced it firsthand himself and joins us tonight. Welcome.


So is this a space-aged hospital of the future?

Good evening, guys and no. It's pure and simple reality.
On Wednesday, the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital opened Korea's first "Smart Hospital." Patients admitted to this hospital can receive a wide range of IT-based medical services.
And I went to the hospital to check it out myself.

N: This is a research hospital located in Bundang south of Seoul.

I'm here at the smart hospital after making my appointment. As I enter the building I can download a free application called, "Patient Guide."
There is no need to register at the information desk; all I need is this guidance service.

N: The patient guide service was put into service on Wednesday, as a way to help outpatients navigate between appointments and examinations.

And the interesting thing is it is also giving me a 3-D map in each if I press the start button it just automatically shows where to go to.

I'm here to take my X-ray and as you can see the patient guide has actually brought me towards the right place to take my X-ray.

N: The Patient Guide Application will communicate with the hospital's Electronic Medical Record system to retrieve the patient's appointment information and handle check-in procedures.

I'll be going to take my blood sample tests.

N: The 3-D mapping technology is supported by Korea's SK Telecom. The services are provided through interactive kiosks installed within the hospital. The hospital plans to continue combining state-of-the-art IT-based technologies with medical service to create a whole new type of healthcare services.

Once you are done with your appointments and examinations you can pay through this normal cashier and since I've got a bill of health for myself I'll go and pay through this automatic paying machine.

Wow, I think this was fast and convenient.
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