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Elderly couple divorce rates surpass newlywed rates Updated: 2013-04-27 18:16:16 KST

  Elderly couple divorce rates surpass newlywed rates
Women in Korea are getting increasingly fed up with their husbands, according to a recent survey by Statistics Korea.
The government agency found that while 72 percent of married men were satisfied with their wives, less than 60 percent of women felt the same about their spouses.
And it's a widening trend as couples head into their golden years.

"Nowadays, women are involved in more social activities and not really the typical lifestyle of a housewife like taking care of kids"

"Consultation Divorce Application Office"
The results of the nationwide survey also shed light on a growing number of divorces among elderly couples.

Ten years ago, divorces among couples married less than four years made up nearly 27 percent of the total national number.
That figure has now been overtaken for the first time by divorce rates of marriages lasting more than two decades.

"The largest increase in divorce growth rates at 8.8 percent has been among couples married more than 30 years."

Women in their late 60s seeking divorces saw the biggest jump among gender and age demographics at nearly 10 percent, and more than a third of the some 114-thousand divorces last year were filed by couples in their 50s.

Analysts attribute the rise to increasing life expectancies and more economic independence among older women.

At the same time, marriages among older citizens have also been rising.
The number of men in their late 50s getting married increased by nearly 9 percent on-year in 2012, while women over the age of 60 were getting married at a 12 percent higher rate during the same period.

Policy advisors are concerned about the falling number of marriages, which dropped by more than 320-thousand last year.
More Koreans are putting off marriage or giving up altogether, as they reconsider that eternal vow of till death do us part.

Paul Yi, Arirang News
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