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THU, 2015-07-02 KST

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Prime Talk: Dr. Kim Hyun-wook on North Korea dialogue Updated: 2013-04-18 19:14:47 KST

After weeks of tit-for-tat of threats, hopes are growing for a diplomatic solution as Seoul and Washington offered peace overtures last week and Beijing also promised to help persuade the rogue state to give up its nuclear weapons.
For more analysis we bring in Dr. Kim Hyun-wook professor at Korea National Diplomatic Academy for some insights.
Thank you for joining us this evening.

Just today, North Korea demanded apologies and the withdrawal of UN sanctions before it comes to talk. If the world were to agree is Pyongyang really ready to talk?

Walk us through the psychology of the North Korean regime they seem very touchy over mispaced words. What's the right approach to get to talks?

In the meantime the United States and South Korea also has conditions for talks.
Who's going to comply first?

So how does the so-called 'imminent missile test' fit in now?
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