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N. Korea Sets Two National Agendas: Nuclear & Economic Development Updated: 2013-04-01 14:27:30 KST

N. Korea Sets Two National Agendas: Nuclear & Economic Development
The central committee of the North Korean Workers' Party unanimously adopted a statement on Sunday,.. that said the North will focus on its nuclear capabilities,.. and economic development to become a great strong nation.
During its plenary session,.. the committee said,.. the Kim Jong-un regime will not give up its nuclear weapons,.. and the North will keep developing its nuclear program,.. until the whole world becomes denuclearized.
It added North Korea will not respond to any talks demanding unilateral nuclear disarmament,.. as its nuclear capabilities are its key defensive power.
The country also aims to build up its economy,.. to stabilize the livelihoods of its people,.. by focusing on agriculture and light industry.
The workers' party also said the country will diversify its international trade and attract more investment.
Experts say the announcement could be an attempt to quell growing public discontent over the nation's unbalanced focus on its military expenses.
However, experts added North Korea's economic goals will not be achieved easily, as the country is already under some tight economic sanctions,.. due to its nuclear and long-range missile test.
The statement specifying its two key strategic goals came a day after North Korea declared on Saturday that the two Koreas were in state of war.
North Korea has been escalating its level of threats since South Korea and the United States started their annual joint military drills.
Park Ji-won, Arirang News.
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