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Naro Makes Contact with Korean Ground Station Updated: 2013-02-01 00:00:00 KST

Naro Makes Contact with Korean Ground Station
The success of Korea's first rocket launch was officially confirmed early Thursday morning, when the satellite made its first contact with the country's ground station.

The first communication between the satellite and the Satellite Technology Research Center in Daejeon was made at 3:27 a.m. and lasted for about 14 minutes.

A second communication was made about two hours later and lasted for about 15 minutes.

The 100-kilogram Science and Technology Satellite-2C was carried by the Naro rocket, which successfully took off into space at 4 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon.

The first contact with the satellite was made 11 hours and 28 minutes after the launch.

Officials say all signs suggest that the satellite is working perfectly.

Head of Satellite Technology Research Center
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

We've delivered commands through the satellite and received data from the it and have confirmed that the Science and Technology Satellite-2C is operating normally."

With this, Korea has succeeded in sending its own satellite into space, using a rocket it launched from its own soil.
Korea has sent 10 satellites into space so far, but all of them were sent on foreign rockets launched from foreign soil.

The new satellite has a short operational lifespan of about a year, and it was partially designed to test the country's ability to send a satellite into space.

It will make contact with the ground station in Korea between at least three and five times a day when it approaches the Korean Peninsula.

"This also means that Korea has officially become the 11th country to join the so-called space club.
Korea now ranks alongside countries that that successfully launched homegrown rockets from their soil, including the United States, France and Russia as well as Asian powers like China, Japan and India.

Hwang Sung-hee, Arirang News, Goheung."
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