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FRI, 2015-08-28 KST

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Changwon City Choses Jinhae as the Final Site for the New Changwon Stadium Updated: 2013-01-29 00:00:00 KST

And moving on after much controversy regarding the site for the new Changwon Stadium looks like the city of Changwon have finally made their decision.

And unfortunately the Korea Baseball Organization and the NC Soft Dinos are not very happy.Now with the city of Changwon under a ton of scrutiny for failing to get started on the new Changwon Baseball Stadium that they promised when they were given the rights to the 9th KBO team they have finally chosen a site.

The only problem is neither the league nor the team like the decision.
Now a week earlier, many experts stated that Jinhae district known historically as a naval base for the Japanese during their occupation period in the early 20th century would be chosen as the site.

While the league and the team argued that the area isn't good enough, the desperate city went with it anyways. But all that aside Changwon hopes to build this stadium by 2016, as they promised.
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