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Korea Prepares Figure Skating Hopefuls For Pyeongchang Olympics Updated: 2013-01-21 00:00:00 KST

Korea Prepares Figure Skating Hopefuls For Pyeongchang Olympics
They make look like your typical teenage couple, but on their shoulders rests Korea's Olympic hopes at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games. Park So-youn and Lee June-hyoung have already proven themselves to be highly promising figure skaters with numerous national and global titles.Both will be training six days a week for the next five years to master their form and style under the guidance of professional coaches. Park is a three-time national silver medalist, and despite only being 15 years old, she's mature enough to understand the importance of hard work.

{Park So-youn, Korean Figure Skater
Kangil Middle School}
"I'm doing lots of practice jumps and training to reduce mistakes, so that at the Pyeongchang Olympics I'll be able to perform without any regrets."Meanwhile, Lee made waves earlier this month by ranking first in the men's singles divisionat the Korean National Figure Skating Championships.Lee expects to perform at the World Championships in March but knows he will have to further hone his skills in order stay on top.

{Lee June-hyoung, Korean Figure Skater
Suri High School}
"I think my biggest weakness is the technical side. Compared to other athletes, I'm feel like I'm falling behind. "Coaches and trainers will be working alongside the budding athletes as they attempt to unlock their limitless potential.

{Chi Hyun-jeong, Figure Skating Coach}
"Lee Jun-hyung is focusing on technical skating, while Park So-youn is putting efforts towards the artistic side. I think if she puts her mind to it, she'll have a good performance."

{Paul Yi, paulyi@arirangtv.com}
The path is clear for Park and Lee to reach the Olypmics, however the long road ahead is sure to be filled with heavy responsibility and sacrifice.

Paul Yi, Arirang News
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