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Koreans Make Sacrifices in Middle East to Thrive in Plant Industry Updated: 2013-01-11 00:00:00 KST

Koo Kyung-tae, a Korean project engineer in Saudi Arabia, is a young dad.
He had to leave for the Middle East when his first daughter was only two years old.
His first daughter is now four, and she also has a baby brother.

[Interview : Koo Kyung-tae, Project Engineer
Riyadh PP11 Project] "I miss my daughter every day. I miss her all the time, every moment, every minute every second of every day."

[Interview : Kim Han-ul, chkim@arirang.co.kr
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia] "Living out in the desert is not an easy task. You see nothing but sand for miles, and during the summer months temperatures go up 60 degrees in some areas which is definitely not for the faint hearted."

Although the plant sites serve Korean food three times a day, nothing can beat having your loved ones around.

[Interview : Park Dong-ho, IT Asst. Manager
Shah Gas Development] "It's rough when I miss my family and friends, and when I get sick. There's nothing here, and it's hard to adjust to the weather."

Some constantly keep in touch with their families through email.

[Interview : Kim Jeung-hun, Principal Engineer
Shah Gas Development ] "I got an email from my wife today and she says it's snowing heavily in Korea. I found the email in my inbox when I returned from the site just a while ago."

When there is no work, the staff enjoy recreational activities such as getting some exercise either indoors or outdoors, and playing sport.
But after a hard day of work and play, home is still where you want to be.

[Interview : Koo Kyung-tae, Project Engineer
Riyadh PP11 Project] "When I come home my daughter runs from a distance, a small four-year-old child runs and hugs me as hard as she can, using all her energy. Even at this moment, whether at the airport or at home, I want to hold my daughter tight and that's what I want to do the most right now."

Kim Han-ul, Arirang News, Saudi Arabia.
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