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5 High School Baseball Teams Formed Updated: 2013-01-01 00:00:00 KST

The new year has arrived along with some good news for the young generation of baseball players.
And to give us the good news and more from the world of sports, SJ's standing by at the sports center! Hello!
[Reporter : SJ] Hello, and Happy New Year to you both. Now of course, last year the one sport that received most of the spotlight was baseball. And on the first day of 2013 we start off with some good news from the diamond.
With the 9th KBO team joining the league this year and a 10th KBO team in the works the Korea Baseball Association and the Korea Baseball Organization has approved five high school baseball teams to be added this year. Along with Suwon's In-sang High School the addition of five more high school teams increases the total to 58 teams nationwide which is still very small compared to the thousands of high school teams that Japan has, but it's still a great start.
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