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Live from Saenuri Party Headquarters Updated: 2012-12-19 00:00:00 KST

For the camps of the two main candidates, this must be a nail-biting moment.
Let's get a check of the atmosphere at the two campaign headquarters and we begin with Arirang's Hwang Sung-hee standing by at Park Geun-hye's election headquarters.
Park Geun-hye of the ruling Saenuri Party, dubbed the queen of campaigns, has focused her pledges on improving life for the country's middle class.
Hello, Sung-hee. How is it looking like there at Park's camp[Reporter : ] Good afternoon, Conn-young.
Back here at the Saenuri Party headquarters, the buzz is all about the source of the mass text messages asking the public to vote for Moon Jae-in, which the ruling party claims were sent by the main opposition Democratic United Party.
They say this is a clear violation of election law, as official campaigning came to an end at midnight.
The National Election Commission says Moon's campaign has denied allegations that the text messages came from them.
The source of the text messages is under investigation.
Earlier this morning at around 8 a.m., Park Geun-hye cast her vote at a polling station near her home in Samseong-dong, southern Seoul.
Speaking to reporters afterwards, she thanked the public for their support during her 22-day campaign and encouraged them to vote in order to open the new era that they've been waiting for.
Park didn't specify where she will be throughout the day.
Meanwhile, members of the Saenuri Party will be following the results of the election here at the situation room as the day unfolds, crossing their fingers for a Park Geun-hye victory at the end of the day.

And viewers who haven't had the time to get to their local polling station yet still have around four hours to do so.
Sung-hee, what can you tell us about Park's main campaign pledges[Reporter : ] Well, she has been presenting herself as a candidate who will be a "prepared female president."
Park has focused her campaign pledges on expanding the middle class and says that if she is elected, she will be a leader for the working class.

[Interview : Park Geun-hye, Presidential Candidate
Saenuri Party] "I will be a people's president who only thinks about the citizens. I will restore the middle class and make a society where 70 percent of the people are included in the middle class."

So just how will she go about doing that Park says she will first ease the debt burden on the over three million people who are unable to pay off their loans, by cutting their liabilities in half when they apply for credit repair.
Second on her agenda is providing free childcare services to children under the age of five.
Those who choose not to send their children to daycare would receive a monthly subsidy of around 100 dollars.
As for education fees, Park says tuition should be calculated based on the income bracket of the student's family.
Under her administration, students in the 20 percent and below income bracket will get free education, while those in the upper 20 percent will have to pay the full fee.
Families with three children will not be required to pay tuition for their third child.
The presidential hopeful has promised a so-called creative economy that will lead to more jobs.
She has also called for an extension of the retirement age to 60 as well as an increase in the minimum wage.
In addition to these policies, Park has also vowed to create a fair society through economic democratization.
She's also promised to enhance national security by beefing up the nation's nuclear and missile defenses.

[Reporter : ] All told, it's estimated that it would cost around 120 billion dollars to realize these plans, an amount that Park plans to raise through budget cuts and tax reform.
But we still have roughly four hours until the polls close, so we'll have to wait and see if Park will be elected to carry out these plans, Conn-young.

Thanks, Sung-hee.
That was Arirang's Hwang Sung-hee reporting live from the Saenuri Party headquarters.
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