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Art and Culture1 Updated: 2012-11-27 00:00:00 KST

Art and Culture1
And now it's time for our regular arts and culture segment with Michelle Kim. Today she'll tell us about an exhibition that she went to and a concert by a famous pianist.

Hello Michelle

[Reporter : ] Hello Han-ul

So what will you start us off with[Reporter : ] Today I'll give you a preview of an exhibition by artist Jon Widman, who has a talent for turning vintage items into art. Take a look.

Old books, album covers and other everyday items become works of art in the hands of Jon Widman, a New York-based artist whose exhibition "Remix" is currently showing at Gallery Em in Seoul.
Widman recreates these items on canvas using sophisticated color schemes and a restrained structure that gives each piece a whole new meaning.
Many of the objects in his paintings belong to him.
By recreating them as art, he is also paying tribute to their history.

[Interview : Jon Widman, Artist] "These are records from my personal collection, from my favorite musician, from my favorite artwork, from album covers With my collection, I wanted to reclaim some of the memories of past listeners and ownership of people who owed it before me."

In the eight paintings on display, Widman highlights the marks left by previous owners in order to emphasize what they've left behind.

[Interview : Jon Widman, Artist] "I just feel that things that are old and vintage have more humanness to it, so I'm just fascinated that ______ are old and have been owned by other people, then recycled and owned by me. I often wonder what other owners of particular books or records felt about that particular item so I wanted to capture some of the marks and recreate that on the canvas."

Through these paintings, Widman is encouraging viewers to reconsider the objects in their lives, the memories they may evoke, and the history behind each one.
"Remix" is Jon Widman's fourth exhibition at Gallery EM and will be on display until December 22nd.
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