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Art and Culture2 Updated: 2012-09-28 12:00:00 KST

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It's a very unexpected change for JK Rowling, from children's fantasy novels to adult novels. You would think she would play it safe and write another children's novel for us.

[Reporter : ] I thought so as well. But she apparently decided a change was needed, and the book is definitely going to make headlines for a while, no matter how good or bad it actually is. I personally am quite sad that she didn't stick with fantasty novels, but from what I hear, I think her next book will be a children's book.

Well, I'm sure this new book will be hard to keep on the bookshelves. I will definitely get myself a copy this weekend. And now, what else do you have for us[Reporter : ] One of my favorite K-pop idol groups, Big Bang is currently on their world tour and they're currently in Singapore. I have this story on their press conference, and the rest of their tour schedule.

One of Korea's hottest idol groups, Big Bang, held a press conference yesterday, just one day before the start of their two days of concerts in Singapore. Even with an injured member and a series of scandals, they wanted to keep the promise of going on their Alive Tour to the fans .

[Interview : T.O.P., Member of Big Bang] " is not normal, it's actually very painful now. But despite that, knowing that the Singaporean fans have been looking forward to this, and also because of our promise to our fans, and my duty as a member of Big Bang, I have come."

Consisting of five members, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri, Big Bang has won countless awards in both South Korea and overseas.
The five members have also made headlines for their solo acts, as the members' talents range from singing and acting to hosting.
Ever since their debut in 2006, the K-pop idol group has had fans from all across the world thanks to mega hits like "Lie" and "Fantastic Baby."
The BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR 2012 is the band's very first world tour, and is scheduled to be in 22 cities in 14 countries
Singapore is the first stop in Southeast Asia.
The group will then head over to Thailand, the Philippines, the U.S., and end in Hong Kong in December.
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