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Art and Culture1 Updated: 2012-08-16 12:00:00 KST

Art and Culture1
And now it's time for our daily arts and culture update with our Michelle Kim. I hear she went to see a performance yesterday that was an exciting mix of dance, music and drawing,.. so let's turn to her now for more.

Hello Michelle

[Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young

So, tell us where you went.

[Reporter : ] Well, I went to Myungbo Art Hall yesterday to see a fantastic show by four performers, all very talented in dancing, acting and drawing. These multi-talented men had the audience up on stage and interacting with the performers throughout the show, which made for a very enjoyable evening. Take a look at this.

It's a special performance that fuses dance, music and drawing while also inviting the audience to join in the fun.
The production, "Drawing Show: Hero," at Myungbo Art Hall features 4 multi-talented performers who portray heroes from cartoons, music and films while showing off their artistic skills to create beautiful drawings and paintings that are displayed throughout the production.
In the process, they use art techniques such as spin drawing, dust drawing, speed drawing, marbling and cube art.
The show has been in an open run since 2010.

[Reporter : ] "'Drawing Show: Hero' captures the audience's attention for the whole 80 minutes thanks to a variety of art techniques, fast and upbeat music, and comedic performances. This non-verbal show of continuous dance, acting and drawing is enjoyable, not just for Korean audiences but for non-Koreans as well."

The show also invites audience members to participate in the action and engage with the four performers on stage.
After the show, audience members are welcome to mingle with the performers and take photos of them and the artworks they produce.

[Interview : Cho Woo-suk, Producer and Performer
] "The show captures the joy of watching a drawing being made, but we also interact with the audience continuously and it's much more fun if audiences come to the show with an open mind."

Drawing Show: Hero is in an open run at Myungbo Art Hall in Chungmuro, central Seoul.
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