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Olympics: Gold Medalist Yang Hak-seon Receives New House and Lifetime of Ramen Updated: 2012-08-09 00:00:00 KST

[Reporter : CONNIE] And on a related note food company, Nongshim has offered a LIFETIME supply of its "Neoguri" ramen to Yang's family.
This comes after the company learned that Yang really likes eating their ramen noodles.
Yang's family received its FIRST box of the noodles yesterday-- and were told they can request many, many more. #

What a great story. it is nice hearing the stories behind the athletes especially when they end up having a happy ending. But I have to say I would have thought he'd be on a stricter diet than instant noodles!

Yeah. And as he's expected to compete in the next Olympics so we'll definitely be hearing more about him.
Now, moving on, what are the next key games coming up for Team Korea
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