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Olympic Fever Hits Korea Updated: 2012-07-30 00:00:00 KST

Korea is known to have some of the most zealous sports fans in the world, and the London Olympics Games are bringing out the best of the nation's fighting spirit.
Not even the eight-hour time difference between London and Seoul has stopped droves of supporters from cheering on the Korean Olympic team.
In the middle of the night, hundreds of fans gathered at Yongsan Station to watch and celebrate the Korean soccer team's win against Switzerland.

To get the public excited for the Olympics, many famous Korean music artists including boy bands are lending their talents to rally the masses.
In collaboration with the culture ministry, Korean music star, PSY wrote and composed the official Korean cheering song for this year's Olympics.

Actor and musician Kim Chang-wan also got in the spirit.
He released additional versions of his take on the classic Korean song "Arirang," mixing traditional cultural lyrics with modern, heart-pumping beats.

Korean rock-ballad singer and nationally recognized philanthropist, Kim Jang-hoon also released an Olympic cheering song, which is a remake of the national anthem of the old Korean Army.
The song is aimed at awakening the rising sense of patriotism in all Koreans.

Not be left out, internationally popular K-Pop groups including 2PM and SISTAR put out new singles and music videos in celebration of the Olympics.
With a whirlwind of music filling the soul of the Olympic spirit, Team Korea is sure to feel the support of its home country thanks to an endless supply of cheering and support.

Paul Yi, Arirang News
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