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London's Saatchi Gallery Unveils Korean Eye 2012 Updated: 2012-07-26 12:00:00 KST

London's Saatchi Gallery Unveils Korean Eye 2012
[Reporter : Yoo Ji-hae
julz1201@arirang.co.kr] "The Saatchi Gallery in London is one of the world's most visited contemporary art galleries with more than 1.2 million visitors a year. But during the London Olympics the venue will be a home for Korean arts. It'll be the first time, that the gallery will curate a full-scale exhibition with works outside its collection."

Titled the "Korean Eye 2012" the exhibition will showcase the largest collection of new Korean art to date featuring 100 art works by 33 artists.
Oraganizers say, the exhibition will provide art enthusiasts a chance to experience the strong visceral and visionary art of Korea.

[Interview : David Ciclitira, Founder & Chairman
Korean Eye] "What you are seeing in this exhibition is a massive diversity of work, everything is different. This piece here, as you can see is alluminum It isn't photograph, it isn't paint. And behind you, more different works. Upstairs, you got video installations. It's a really exciting show."

Kim Dong-yoon, is one of the carefully chosen artists from over 2-thousand applicants who is well-known for his way of stacking and integrating images.
The award-winning 33-year-old says the "Korean Eye" will serve as a great opportunity to promote the lesser-known Korean arts in London's contemporary art scene.

[Interview : Kim Dong-yoon, Contemporary Artist ] "I think this is a great opportunity to define the characteristics of Korean art to the people. And it means a great deal to me to display my work at such an influential gallery, because this could draw more attention from not only art enthusiasts but the general public."

And with spectators already showing signs of hunger for fresh cultural and artistic influences

[Interview : Eleanor Macfarlane, Moving Image Artist] "So glad to see this. That piece there as well is quite perculiar."

the 10-week exhibition is expected to be a hit.

[Interview : Lee Charm, CEO
Korea Tourism Organization] "From the early reactions of the preliminary showing in the last 2 days, we can see there is a huge interest, so my guess is at least 500-thousand people will come to see the show."

On the sidelines of the Korean Eye 2012, visitors will be able to appreciate Korea's contemporary fashion, films, music and food.
The exhibition will run through September 23rd.
Yoo Ji-hae, Arirang News, London.
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