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Art and Culture2 Updated: 2012-06-21 12:00:00 KST

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Disney movies bring back childhood memories to most of us and it always gets me excited whenever a new movie from Disney/Pixar comes out because they've never made a bad film.

[Reporter : ] I know! I loved so many movies that they created, like "Toy Story", "A Bug's Life", "Monsters Inc.", "Finding Nemo" and so many more and I am really excited to see how this movie will be like and I am also excited to see a princess being the main character for their movie.

I know, we've seen fish, ants, and even toys as the main characters of Disney/Pixar films and they've done a great job and this is the first princess character so we'll see if this princess can fulfill our expectations. And now moving on, what is this heartwarming event you have for us[Reporter : ] This is again another way to experience how influential the Hallyu wave is once again. A 15-year-old American girl named Donika Sterling, who is suffering from a progressive nerve disorder came to Korea this week to meet her two favorite idols SHINee and Super Junior. This was a dream come true for the 15-year-old and the Korean idols were glad to fulfill her dreams. Take a look at this.

Wednesday was the happiest day for the 15-year-old American girl Donika Sterling when she met her favorite K-Pop idols SHINee and Super Junior.

Sterling suffers from Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which is a progressive nerve disorder which gradually slowed down parts of her body and eventually made it difficult for her to move.

Herbert Black, President of American Iron and Metal and a patient of Sterling's grandmother, a nurse, heard about Donika's wish and arranged for her to travel to Korea.

[Interview : Donika Sterling, 15 yr. old Fan] "This is like my dream come true. I'm glad to meet them. They also handed me a present,"

One of the members of SHINee, Taemin, stated that he was glad he was able help others through music.

[Interview : Taemin, SHINee Member] "I perform my music for others, as a singer, and I've realized I can help others with my music. It's very meaningful,"

Donika's mother Donna Sterling thanked everyone who had made her daughter's day.

[Interview : Donna Sterling, Donika's mother] "And there are times when I'm very speechless, get very emotional. And it's just wonderful thing for my daughter and you know and I said And this is wonderful wonderful country. I just love Korea, and love what they're doing. The Korean community is very very supportive of my daughter,"

Sterling also met with some of the members of Super Junior, who welcomed her into the studio where they were filming their new music video.

Leader of the group Leeteuk presented their latest album to her as a gift.

Donika discovered K-Pop at the age of 13 as she began to watch Korean dramas and listened to K-Pop through the shows.
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