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Art and Culture1 Updated: 2012-06-04 12:00:00 KST

Art and Culture1
It's Monday and it's the start of a new week once again and we are back with all the latest art and culture updates from our Michelle Kim. I hear she has an idea on what we may be able to do during memorial day, as well as information on the latest musicals and plays.
Hello Michelle

[Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young

So, what do you have for us today[Reporter : ] Memorial Day is coming up and there has been more visitors at the Daejeon National Cemetery. Visitors and volunteers visited the cemetery this past weekend to pay respects to all the fallen heroes who died protecting this country.

People from all over Korea came to pay a tribute to the deceased patriots at the cemetery.

People make their way up to the boundaries of the grave and brush off the mud on the gravestone and bring out the food they brought for the memorial service.

[Interview : Park Jae-sun, Guest to a Memorial Service] "It's going to be Memorial Day on Wednesday but I have work so I decided to make some time during the weekend to visit the cemetery."

Under the sizzling sun, there are beach umbrellas and tents for families to keep out of the sun.

Along with paying respects to the deceased soldiers, this is also a great time for family and relatives to meet and enjoy each other's company.

[Interview : Kang Suk-jo, Guest to a Memorial Service] "I come here every year for the memorial service and also to make an event my family and relatives to meet."

There were also students from a nearby high school who volunteered to place the Korean flag on each grave and families that went around from grave to grave to re-paint the words on the grave stone.

Another interesting sight to see is the mailbox to heaven, which is a way for people to write letters to patriots who sacrificed their lives for the country.

[Interview : Kim Yu-jin, Volunteer Worker] "This will be a great way to give thanks to the patriots, especially for people like me who could not pay the proper tribute at that time."
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