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Art and Culture2 Updated: 2012-05-24 12:00:00 KST

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You've covered news about the Yeosu Expo early on this week as well and from what you've told us so far, I don't think reaching 300,000 people this extended weekend would be a big problem.

[Reporter : ] I don't think so either. It's hard to find opportunities to see 100 different countries in one place showing off the essence of their culture and tradition so I don't think anyone should miss it.

I completely agree, This is such a great opportunity to learn and appreciate the different culture. And moving on, what else do you have for us[Reporter : ] I have four movies releasing in theaters. 'Machine Gun Preacher' is a true story of the civil war happening in Sudan, Men in Black are coming back with a third movie hoping to save our planet Earth from aliens, 'Children of Heaven' show the maturing process of teenagers, and 'Hello' show how you can see not just with your eyes, but with you heart. Here are more details on this one.

For almost 30 years, Sudan has been embroiled in a bloody civil war.

The film 'Machine Gun Preacher' is the true story about pastor Sam Childers and his mission to save the children of Sudan from death and destruction.

The scenes of Childers fighting against the rebel forces to save the children from danger will inspire the audience, especially as the civil war still essentially raging on.

Aliens have returned to Earth again and are intent on destroying it in the Sci-Fi comedy 'Men In Black 3'.
The characters travel back in time to unlock the secret of the universe and come back to reality.

[Interview : Will Smith, Actor] "It is a very powerful idea that ingrained in human beings no matter what language you speak, no matter how old you are"

The film, 'Children of Heaven' portrays the entertaining lives of teenagers.

The story progresses as a couple of troubled students participate in the same club organization together after school and slowly begin to depend and rely on each other.

[Interview : Yoo Da-in, Actress] "You will not regret watching 'Children of heaven because it is such a bright and heart-warming movie."

The film, 'Hello' is a documentary portraying the educational records of blind students.

'Hello' portrays how children, who see the world through their hearts and not their eyes, live and communicate with the world.
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