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Art and Culture1 Updated: 2012-05-15 12:00:00 KST

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Now it's time to learn more about the latest art and culture events with our Michelle Kim. I hear she has brought us movies and something that she encourages us to actually perform for ourselves.

Hello Michelle

[Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young

What do you have for us today[Reporter : ] To start us off today I have two movie updates with two very good looking actors. Two inspiring actors from Korea and the United States, Ryoo Seung-ryong and Johnny Depp are coming back to the big screen to lure all the female fans.

Ryoo Seung-ryong plays the Casanova that sends women head-over-heels in the film, 'All About My Wife'.

Unlike his previous charismatic roles, he makes a drastic change and plays the seemingly perfect yet awkward Casanova, Sung-ki .

He not only seduces the women in the movie but also audiences by showing off his masculinity as well as stimulating women's maternal instincts.

It will be interesting to see the change from Ryoo's previous movie roles into this awkward Casanova.

Ryoo Seung-ryong, actor
[Interview : Ryoo Seung-ryong, Actor] "Sung-ki is a smart, rich, humorous, well-mannered, and charming Casanova."

Another Casanova from a different era is coming to theaters in the movie 'Dark Shadows'.

Barnabas is a famous Casanova living in the 18th century, who is cursed by a witch he was madly in love with.

He is buried alive and wakes up as a vampire after 200 years.

The pale face and dark shadows around the eyes of the Casanova vampire steal the spotlight with Johnny Depp playing the lead role.

His ongoing love for the witch allows him to go back and forth through time to portray the modern yet classic Casanova characteristics.

Ryoo Seung-ryong and Johnny Depp look set to excite movie fans with their drastic change in roles.
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