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It's Friday and it's the end of another week so, of course, our Michelle Kim is here to help us keep busy this weekend. Instead of work, chores, and homework, our Michelle brings us the latest on fun and entertaining art and culture events.

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[Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young

So what do you have for us today[Reporter : ] When you're physically injured, you go see the doctor, but if you're emotionally injured where can you go to fix it"Letters to Father Jacob" tells the story of a blind priest, a mailman and the murderer who takes on the job of reading the bride's letters.

The film portrays the communication and consolation between the priest, who sees the world with his heart, and the murderer to lives a reclusive life.

The three characters convey the message of loneliness, communication, and consolation.

The film 'Like Dandelion Dust' is about two couples, one who made the mistake of giving their baby up for adoption, and another who adopts that baby. One lives in grief and sorrow, while the other lives their lives filled with love and happiness.

The story progresses as the two couples, living such different lives, meet and deal with their conflicts, which later on, conveys the message on the importance of family.

Another film to heal your soul is the animation, "Colorful'. The character in the film gets a second chance in life after his suicide.
It's tough for him to live inside a middle schooler's body for 6th months.

This film shows the harsh reality of teenage suicide, bullying, and statutory rape and how the main character realizes the importance and hopefulness of life.

[Interview : Sim Young-seop, Movie Critic] "Healing Movies allow us to look back at their lives and also search for the better 'me' inside ourselves. The movie is also very emotional and touching."

The three movies will be conveying their warm messages in local theaters soon.
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