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Sounds like all of these movies will be great fun for the children, and the movie "Lorax" seems to be educational as well as entertaining.

[Reporter : ] Yes. I personally grew up watching Jjanggu so for people like me who aren't young children would also have a great time watching films similar to those of what we've seen when we were younger. I think it'll bring back fun memories of my childhood.

That would be a great way for both parents and children to enjoy this movie outing. And moving on, I heard who went to an event yesterday to learn more about Korean poetry[Reporter : ] I sure did. It was the 100th year anniversary of 5 poets, Baek Suk, Sul Chungsik, Kim Yong-ho, Lee Ho-woo, and Jeong So-pa so educators, students, and also people who just love poetry gathered to have a discussion of the poems of the five poets. Take a look.

Readers, fans, and researchers of poets Baek Suk, Sul Chungsik, Kim Yong-ho, Lee Ho-woo, and Jeong So-pa all gathered at the Gwanghwamun Kyobo Building Thursday for a symposium.

The forum celebrated the 100th-year anniversary of the 5 poets of Korea, with poet Jeong So-pa still alive and still writing poems everyday.

These five poets have influenced the culture and sentiment of Korea in many different ways, talking about the daily lives of Koreans, the political and economic worries of the people, and also the feelings of love and joy.

[Interview : Ko Hyong-Jinn, Professor
Korea University] "One of the reasons why the Korean people love poet Baek Suk's poetry is that the Korean cultural lifestyle is portrayed in detail. For instance, food is a common topic for his poetry, as well as religious services, which are both very important in the Korean culture."

Different professors from different universities stepped on stage to analyze the poems of the five poets, and also held a discussion session to further answer questions in detail.

The symposium may have ended yesterday but 'The Night of Literature' will be held this Friday at 7p.m. to continue celebrating the poet's 100th year anniversary.
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