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Art and Culture1 Updated: 2012-05-01 00:00:00 KST

Now with the weather all nice and warm, it's hard to stay indoors. So for all of us who are looking for more reasons to go out and enjoy the weather, our Michelle is here to give us ideas on where we can go to enjoy this beautiful weather.
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[Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young

So, what do you have for us today[Reporter : ] I am a huge fan of musicals and I am very happy and excited to introduce to you the musical 'Wicked'. It's the first time this musical is showing in Korea so for all of the musical fans, this is probably great news. Take a look.

One of the most popular Broadway musicals in the noughties, 'Wicked' is coming to Korea for the first time.

The friendship between two witches living in Oz is shown on stage.
The main characters of 'Wicked' are the two witches that lived in the world of Oz before Dorothy and her friends.

A green-skinned grumpy girl and a lovely blonde become friends as they go to a wizard school.

[Interview : Jemma Rix, Elphaba role] "Everybody can understand and relate to that about their own life with what they've gone through and people around them and so she's easy to connect to as an actress."

[Interview : Suzie Mathers, Glinda role] "She's so sweet and so innocent but she goes on a huge journey in the show and as an actress, it's a wonderful thing to do.

Originally a novel, the musical twists social stereotypes as the seemingly mean green witch actually turns out to be the nice one who takes all the blame for the popular blonde witch.

Along with the interesting story, the spectacular music, choreography, and stage techniques are collaborated to create a grand masterpiece.

[Interview : David Young, Artistic Director] "The friendship, love, and loss and all the heavy element about the government being corrupt is interesting in this times because it was around the time of 911…"

For the first show in Korea, the Australian cast will perform on stage. After this show, the musical plans to create a Korean version of 'Wicked' with a Korean cast.
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