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Art and Culture1 Updated: 2012-04-27 12:00:00 KST

Art and Culture1
And now it's time for our Michelle Kim to give us an update on the latest art and culture events.
From what I hear, she has brought us something we can do in our very own homes. So for those too tired to leave the house, this may be the perfect option for you.
Hello Michelle

[Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young

So what is this that we can do at home[Reporter : ] Well I don't know about you all but I have certainly tried recording my own voice with the recording system on my computer. Singing, talking, composing-these recording systems on your computers are not just used by amateurs like me, but also by Indie artists as well.

Making music at home, also known as 'home recording', has been under the spotlight for many Indie musicians. With all of the technical advancements these days, musicians are able to express their creative energy without spending a lot of money.
In a room where, if you look outside the window, you can see houses after houses, music fills the atmosphere. It may seem like he's just voice training but Jung Cha-Sik, who's been a part of the Indie Music scene for 15 years, is working on songs for his new album.

Instead of expensive equipment and skilled bandmates, it is much more comfortable for Jung to work alone at home.

He wanted to allow himself the time and space to think of creative ideas during the times he spent alone.

[Interview : Jung Cha-Sik, Singer] "It's a freedom that I wasn't able to feel when I was a part of a band. It's fascinating and fun to try a lot of different things that just pop up in my head."

With the advancement of technology, anyone is able to express their ideas however they want and also put out high quality work.

Like writers and painters, singers can also make artwork at home alone. Home recording is becoming an alternative solution for musicians who want to release their creative energy without spending a lot of money.
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