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UN Security Council Tightens N. Korea Sanctions Updated: 2012-04-17 12:00:00 KST

UN Security Council Tightens N. Korea Sanctions
The U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted what is known as a "presidential statement," which called Friday's launch "a SERIOUS violation of existing security council resolutions 1718 of 2006 and 1874 of 2009."

[Interview : Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations] "Today, the Security Council adopted a presidential statement that strongly condemns North Korea's recent attempt to launch a satellite using ballistic missile technology."

U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice, who heads the council this month, said the failed launch caused grave security concerns across much of East Asia and said a new list of sanctions would be drawn up in response.
The Council took action with unusual speed.
In contrast, when the North fired a multi-stage rocket in 2009 Council deliberated for eight days before issuing a "chairman's statement" condemning the act.
This time, a more strongly worded document has been adopted in just three days.
Rice added that if Pyeongyang chooses to defy the international community again the Security Council will act accordingly.

[Interview : Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations] "The swift and unanimous adoption of this strong presidential statement shows that the international community is united in sending a clear message to North Korea that such provocations are serious and totally unacceptable."

Although traditionally North Korea's protector, China was quick to back the latest presidential statement. The 15 member security council made it clear that there will be consequences if North Korea attempts another rocket launch or a nuclear test.
Nonetheless, experts on the region are expecting a nuclear test to follow last week's failed rocket launch. In both 2006 and 2009, North Korea followed rocket launches with nuclear tests.
In the meantime, South Korea and the U.S. are talking up the need to address fundamental humanitarian issues in North Korea, such as food and basic human rights. North Korea's recent actions caused the U.S. to cancel earlier plans for food aid.
There was no immediate North Korean response to the U.N. resolution.
Ji Myung-kil, Arirang News.
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