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Art and Culture1 Updated: 2012-04-16 12:00:00 KST

Art and Culture1
It's the start of a new week once again and finally the weather is warming up.
When it gets this warm outside, many of us want to just go out and enjoy exhibitions, concerts, and new movies.
To help us, confused souls, stay on track in arts and culture Michelle Kim joins me in the studio.
Hello, Michelle.

[Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young

What do you have for us today[Reporter : ] There's the phrase "Dogs are a man's best friend" and as an owner of two dogs, I very much agree with this. Well to give us an artistic insight on the subject of man, animals, and nature as well, I have two exhibitions for you. Here are the details.

Artworks that portray daily life have a very comforting and natural charm. These two exhibitions tell the stories of people, nature, and animals with an authentic appeal.

It seems as if the shirts are folded casually, without any purpose, but the face of a dog can be seen. The shirts are also spotted, to accentuate the texture and feeling of the materials.

One of the paintings of the dog is surrounded by ink, brush, paper, and inkstone makes the mutt look like a middle-aged scholar and another sculpture of a dog stepping on red balloons shows off the animal's comical and naive smile.

All of the paintings and sculptures at this exhibition convey the friendly image of dogs.

[Interview : Lim Dae-sik, Curator
Gallery Artside] "This is a look at human's most popular companion animal throughout history. In these modern times when we see less of people's human side, the dog's loyal personality offers an even more of a humane touch."

Oh Kyung-duk's private exhibition shows the peacefulness of the people's lives living in nature. The people are may from hay and the mountains and trees are made from sticks, stones and dirt portray the old-fashioned and traditional beauty.

With familiar objects and scenery, the two exhibitions portray the relationship between people and animals.
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