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Art and Culture 1 Updated: 2012-04-12 12:00:00 KST

Art and Culture 1
After a period of rainy and gloomy weather, the sun is shining once again and we have our Michelle Kim to help us make weekend plans to go out and enjoy the sun, learn about art and the Korean culture.
Hello Michelle.

[Reporter : Michelle Kim] Hello Conn-young

What do you have for us today[Reporter : ] For those of you who are interested in sculptures and are curious on the evolution and change of Korean sculptures, you're probably going to enjoy this exhibition. You can see the more traditional types of carvings as well as more modernized pieces. Take a look.

Sculptures from dead artists all the way up to up-and-coming young artists are on show at this exhibition which illustrates the flow of Korean Sculptures.

The combination of delicate curves and the sharp line in this free form sculpture from the 1960s was made with a drum from the U.S. army base.

Another sculpture shows a small mountain made from carved sand boulders. The gazebo in the forest brings out a peaceful feeling to viewers

The female sculpture made from marble portrays warmth, and the bronze male statue portrays austerity and seriousness.

This is the first exhibition that shows five decades of Korean sculptures. From past sculptures to recent ones, each of the 60 artworks portray a different sense of emotion.

The newer artworks step out of the box breaking down stereotypes, and show new, creative and innovative artworks like other modern pieces of art such as media art.

The sculptures are placed on floors and hung from walls, which make the whole exhibition hall another form of artwork.

Won In-jong, Professor of Plastic Arts, EHWA Women's University.
[Interview : Won In-jong, Professor of Plastic Arts
Ehwa Women's University] "Sculptures show the consciousness and artistic techniques of that time period. At this exhibition, you can see sculptures made from a mix of traditional materials such as stone, bronze, and steel and a new medium."

Although the shape and form may have changed over the years, the mindset of artists-to challenge themselves to make creative art-are still the same.
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