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World Leaders Urge N. Korea to Scrap Rocket Launch During Nuclear Security Summit Updated: 2012-03-28 12:00:00 KST

World Leaders Urge N. Korea to Scrap Rocket Launch During Nuclear Security Summit
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, urged North Korea to scrap its plan for launching a long-range rocket next month.
His comments came during the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit on Tuesday, reiterating that it is a clear violation of the UN resolution 1847 which bans any launch using ballistic missile technology.
US President Barack Obama repeatedly warned during the summit that Pyeongyang will face further isolation if it proceeds with the launch.
Even China and Russia, seen as long-time allies of North Korea, expressed deep concern and the leaders of Japan, Australia and Italy also voiced similar opinions.
However, despite criticisms, Pyeongyang says it will NEVER give up its right to launch a peaceful satellite.
On Tuesday, North Korea's Korea Central News Agency quoted a Foreign Ministry spokesperson calling the launch a legitimate right of a sovereign state and an essential step for economic development.
Many countries fear Pyeongyang wants to use the satellite launch to test its ballistic missiles which could potentially deliver nuclear warheads.
Although North Korea's missile launch was not part of the official agenda during the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, intense media coverage on the topic showed that Pyeongyang successfully stole the show without even being there.
Kim Han-ul, Arirang News.
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