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Goat Meat and Kimchi Food Labels to Indicate Origin Updated: 2012-03-26 00:00:00 KST

This week, the LG Economic Research Institute released the results of their statistical survey comparing dual and single income households.
The study found that even though the average gross income of homes with working couples was 34 percent higher than single households, further research showed the difference between the net earnings of the two demographics at just 15 percent.

The private think-tank concluded that the small difference in earnings was partly due to higher expenses related to higher education, house cleaning services, and eating out more. The other significant factor was attributed to lower wages of women compared to their male counterparts.

Scientists at the University of Birmingham have published a study positively linking sadness and depression with a weakened immune system.
Over the past year, immunolgist, Dr. Janet Lord lead a research team following patients over the age of 65.
They found those who had experienced sudden and intense grief produced less white blood cells known as neutrophils, which fight bacterial infections such as pneumonia.

The study concluded that there is now a biological basis to antecdotal evidence of elderly couples dying one after the other with just a few days in between.
But rather a broken heart, it's more likely that a compromised immune system is the cause of death.

The Korean Ministry of Food and Agriculture announced that they would be increasing label regulations of various food products including goat meat, kimchi, and seafood.
The stricter labels will focus on which country the food was produced and processsed.

The announcment was made in cooperation with the Korean National Council of Consumer Organizations, where both agencies said the new policies would build a safer and more efficient system for food standards and consumer awareness.

Paul Yi, Arirang News
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