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Seoul Nuclear Security Summit Promotes World Free of Nuclear Threats Updated: 2012-03-20 12:00:00 KST

Seoul Nuclear Security Summit Promotes World Free of Nuclear Threats
People going to work early in the morning, young children playing sports, students strolling through a college campus
All these moments of peace and happiness could disappear in a moment in the event of nuclear terrorism.
The horrifying experiences of the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001 and the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011, have opened people's eyes to the catastrophic threat that nuclear terrorism could pose for humanity.
To discuss practical measures to stop the illegal trade of nuclear materials and promote the safe use of nuclear energy, world leaders will convene in Seoul next week for the Nuclear Security Summit.
During the two-day conference, the summit's promotional track dubbed "Peace Song" will be played.
Popular Korean singer Park Jung-hyun sang the song both in Korean and English.
The song's music video shows photos of people from all around the world during moments of peace and love.
It's a message the preparatory secretariat hopes is well received at next week's summit.

Reach and we'll take the skies
There's no such thing as impossible
To keep our children laughing here and now, and forevermore
Reach and we'll see
and finally understand peace can be
Be this real place, this will be reality

Come March 26th, Seoul will be at the center of global efforts to stopping the threat of nuclear terrorism, and bringing the prospect of global peace a little closer to reality.
Kim Yeon-ji, Arirang News.
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