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Art and Culture 1 Updated: 2012-03-16 00:00:00 KST

Yes, it's Friday and I'm sure many of you, including myself, are wondering what to do this weekend.
And of course, our arts and culture reporter Michelle Kim, has all the answers.
Hello Michelle, what do you have for us today[Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young and hello to you all.
Well it's spring time once again, which means the weather is warmer and the flowers are starting to bloom.
You can also see the signs of spring in the art and culture world, as exhibitions of flowers and plants are being held.
So if you are ready to experience the essence of spring, take a look at this.

The Four Gracious Plants: Plum, Orchid, Chrysanthemum and Bamboo, were traditionally the subject-matter of Korean Literary Painting.
An exhibition showing orchid paintings is opening in Korea.
How about indulging the beautiful appearance and sweet scent of orchids[Interview : Moon Bong-sun, Painter] "Painting the orchids with ink, rather than colors, makes them come alive and it is the reason these flowers have been expressed with ink since ancient times."

The pointy blossoms and straight leaves stretch upward to the sky.
The winter orchids that grow on Halla Mountain during the cold seasons resemble the graceful shape of a crane, and the spring orchid which bows its head looks like a bashful and beautiful girl.
The author of this exhibition, who has observed orchids for the past 35-years, has discovered the marked characteristic of Korean orchids.
The author's realistic take yields original pictures rather than a predictable ink-and-wash painting composition.

[Interview : Moon Bong-sun, Painter] "The characteristic of Korean orchids, when contrasted with Chinese orchids, is their beautiful bowing head, giving them a unique appearance of elegance and grace."

These orchids, completed with a single stroke of the brush, use restraint to express the subtle beauty of Korea.
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