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Art and Culture 1 Updated: 2012-03-14 00:00:00 KST

It's Wednesday -- right in the middle of the work week -- and our arts and culture reporter Michelle Kim is here to light up the day and give us the latest update on performances and entertainment.
Hello Michelle.

[Reporter : Michelle Kim] Hello Conn-young and hello to you all.

So what exciting news do you have for us this afternoon[Reporter : ] Well, Conn-young it's Wednesday which MEANS we talk about celebrity news!
First off, I have news on Song Joong-ki and Han Ye-seul's movie Penny Pinching Romance heading to a movie festival in Japan.
Here are the details.

The Korean movie "Penny Pinching Romance" , featuring actors Song Joong-ki and Han Ye-seul, has been entered into the fourth annual Okinawa International Movie Festival.
The festival's recurrent theme is that of "Laugh and Peace", and the festival's mission is to gather citizens from around the globe to unite them together through laughter.
"Penny Pinching Romance" will compete against 12 other films from eight different countries in the race to win the "Laugh" award.
The movie is about the love between an unemployed deadbeat womanizer Chun Ji-woong played by Song Joong-ki, and the stingy dumpster diver Gu Hong-shil, played by Han Ye-seul.
Ji-woong believes that love is cheap though he cannot afford to date, while his female counterpart treats love as a luxury and a waste of money.
She teaches him how to save and make money, while he teaches her about romance and relationships.
The two cash-strapped characters team up to carry out moneymaking schemes, such as collecting recyclables for money.
A movie that seems appropriate for these economically difficult times, "Penny Pinching Romance" has been praised for not shying away from a portrayal of dire economic situations.
The Okinawa film festival was started in 2009 by leading Japanese entertainment group Yoshimoto Kogyo.
This year's festival will run for eight days from March 24th.
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