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U.S. Expert Talks About Importance of Nuclear Security Updated: 2012-03-13 12:00:00 KST

U.S. Expert Talks About Importance of Nuclear Security
[Reporter : ] Dr. Allison, it's a great pleasure to meet you and thank you for meeting with us for this interview today.

[Interview : ] It's a great pleasure for me to be in Korea.

[Reporter : ] Since the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan last year, the general public seems to better understand the importance of the safe use of nuclear energy. Not the same case for nuclear security. How can governments, businesses and academics, help people better understand the importance of nuclear security[Interview : Graham Allison, Director
Belfer Center for Science & Intl. Affairs] If one small nuclear bomb exploded in a city in the world, anywhere, a change in our consciousness, the change in our confidence in living in cities, the whole patterns of international trade would be transformed overnight. The objective that everyone agreed to in Washington that was within four years all weapons, all materials everywhere in the world, will be secured to this goal standard. So if we can actually do it, and do it in a verifiable fashion, we would reduce the likelihood of this catastrophe to very, very low.

[Reporter : Choi You-sun] India, Pakistan, Israel are countries that are not parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. However, they are participating in the Nuclear Security Summit. Shouldn't we be concerned about their nuclear weapons and materials getting into the hands of terrorist groups[Interview : ] There's a problem with Israel, with India, with Pakistan, not being members of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. That's a big and important problem. But whatever that problem is, we have an even more urgent problem, which is that if they have nuclear weapons, those weapons should be secured to the goal standard. Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is increasing, India's nuclear arsenal is increasing, whereas everybody else's is going down. I would say India and Pakistan are two of the countries that ought to be in the spotlight of the Nuclear Security Summit.

[Reporter : ] We are reaching the midpoint of U.S. President Obama's four-year lockdown vision. What should be achieved here in Seoul this year and moving forward after 2014, how can the international community continue the initiative set by President Obama[Interview : Graham Allison, Director
Belfer Center for Science & Intl. Affairs] I would say halfway on, we're not quite halfway done. So a huge amount has been accomplished, but a huge amount remains to be done. I think that Seoul Nuclear Security Summit will be judged by whether it imparts some really new momentum to the accomplishment of this specific requirements that every weapon, usable, equivalent of highly enriched uranium or plutonium, is locked up to a goal standard and in a way that we can, the rest of us can believe that it's actually happened.

[Reporter : ] Thank you very much for your time, Dr. Allison.

[Interview : ] Thank you very much for having me.
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