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Arts and Culture 1 Updated: 2012-03-13 00:00:00 KST

It's that time of day when you might be wondering what there is to do around the country.
Our arts and culture reporter Michelle Kim is here to satisfy that curiosity.
Hello Michelle.

[Reporter : Michelle Kim] Hello Conn-young and hello to you all.

What exciting updates do you have for us today[Reporter : ] Well, as you know Conn-young, 2012 has been a great year for Korean movies, with movies like "Dancing Queen", and "Love Fiction" being hits at the Korean box office.
Well, I have another movie that hit NUMBER 1 at the box office as soon as it was released.

A host of new releases are hitting movie theaters, not only from overseas and Hollywood but also from closer to home.
It will be interesting to see how Korean movies fare against some of the foreign releases that are taking the domestic box office by storm.

The Korean movie “Helpless”, the latest work of director Byun Young-joo, is about the story of a woman, Sun-young, who suddenly disappears one day.
The woman’s fiancee, Moon-ho, sets out to find her but the more he discovers about her past the more confused he becomes.
During his search, Moon-ho discovers that everything about Sun-young was a lie; her name, age, and family were all false.
Not only did Moon-ho’s fiancee steal another person’s identity but he discovers she was also involved in a murder case.
“Helpless” is the shocking tale of a woman who has no choice but to steal someone else’s identity to hide the dark secrets of her past.
Movie critics have praised Kim Min-hee’s performance in the role of Sun-young.
The actress adeptly expressed the extreme mood-swings of the character.

[Interview : Kim Min-hee, Actress] "I was able to express myself freely because this was not a cookie-cutter role, and in that respect it was very fun and surprisingly enjoyable"

"Romance Joe" directed by Lee Gwanguk is the story of a famous director who visits the countryside in search of some inspiration for a new movie script.
A coffee shop employee tells him the story of an unusual individual called 'Romance Joe'.
This is enough to unlock the director's inspiration.
The storytelling in this movie is creative, funny and engaging.

The documentary “Talking Architect” is the story of the late Jeong Gi-yong, an architect esteemed for his lessons on the virtues of sharing and the power of love.
Over a period of two years of documentation, the director had the opportunity to share in the joys and sorrows of the architect's life, which is translated onto the screen.
In the movie, the director also captures how Jeong’s work has affected people, and the general influence of his work.
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