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Art and Culture 1 Updated: 2012-03-06 00:00:00 KST

It's that time of day when you may be wondering what to do tonight.
If you are all out of ideas don't worry as our arts and culture reporter, Michelle Kim, is in the studio with us to bring us some events that may grab your interest.
Hi Michelle, what do you have for us today[Reporter : Michelle Kim] Hi Conn-young, I have two very interesting exhibitions that I would like to share with you and with our viewers.
I brought you the details. Check this out.

Ever since the introduction of Korea's High-speed Train seven years ago, the Busanjin train station has been shut. Artists from the German city of Hamburg and Korea's southern city of Busan gathered together today for an art exhibition at this abandoned station. The exhibition, which is also a cultural exchange between the cities of Hamburg and Busan, is called "To Begin is to be Half Done".
The artists' ability to appreciate even old things that have become useless due to modern innovation served as the inspiration to hold this exhibition in a disused station.
Cats on the roof watch trains that pass by, no longer stopping at this station. A dog and cat urinate surreptitiously around the run-down station. These are only some of the works used to playfully express the 7 years of disuse and run-down state of this abandoned station.

[Interview : Lee Chun-Hwa, Busan resident] "This train would not stop at Busan station but only at Busanjin station. You could say that this place is part of the history - the joys and pains - of local people."
The collaboration between Hamburg artists searching for a Korean venue to display their artwork and Busan's contemporary artists also coming together at this abandoned station seems to add to the artistic value of the exhibition.
The old lost and found storage room, the dormitory of former workers of the station, and a broken mirror left at the station, these original fixtures have become works of art for the purposes of this exhibition.

[Interview : Oh Su-Yeon, President
Davin Art Space] "The Hamburg artists were informed about the run-down condition of the Busanjin Station. We sent them pictures of this place… This exhibition is the result of meetings that went on, night and day, for three consecutive days…"

The exhibition will run through March 10th. And just as, in fairytales, a spell comes undone at the chiming of the midnight bell, once this temporary exhibition is over the abandoned station will return to its original state.
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